Kane-Davey Associates Industrial HVAC Services ConnecticutKane-Davey has been providing commercial and industrial air movement, humidification, and sound attenuation equipment in the New York Metropolitan area for many years.  We are proud of our customer service and are happy to answer questions and  respond to customer concerns from selection to turn over.

Kane-Davey Associates, Inc. has over 20 years of experience working with contractors, engineers and end users on Tunnel Ventilation projects in the New York City area.
Kane-Davey represents industry leaders of Tunnel Ventilation Equipment whose products are used on projects around the world.

Kane-Davey also has experience providing corrosion resistant odor control systems for wastewater treatment plants.  These systems include FRP and stainless steel ductwork, dampers, fans, exhaust stacks, carbon vessels, controls, grease traps, actuators, carbon and related accessories. The products we represent can be found at many of the waste water treatment plants in the New York Tri- State Area.

Kane- Davey Associates, Inc. works closely with engineers to select the best equipment for future projects. We manage our projects from inception to completion with the assistance of our project coordination team.




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